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Swimming Pool Construction

Which swimming pool would suit your Brisbane lifestyle and property?

As our clients are quick to note; it’s not the one big thing we do but the hundred little things we do that set us apart. During such a big undertaking happening at your home communication is key in knowing what to expect during the build, what the next stage is and how it will all come together to give you the pool of your dreams.

Offering not only the pool component of your project but also being able to meet your hard and soft landscaping requirements the qualified tradespeople working on your pool project have been chosen over many years of perfecting their skills to ensure your new pool and landscaping will not only look fantastic now but will continue to do so in many years to come. Every piece of equipment and every fixture of your pool has been selected from a wide range of suppliers based on quality, not price. Our interests lie in building you a pool we know is going to stand the test of time.

We tailor make brand new pools building in brisbane as follow:

Building as part of a new home

Building a new pool as part of your new home build shouldn’t be a cause for stress.

Due to smaller blocks and larger homes that are becoming the rule rather than the exception across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Redlands and Ipswich many people are choosing to add a pool to their new home build. Often this is a favourable option due to limited access once the new home has been constructed. In this case let us take all the hard work away from you; we’ll liaise with the builder to ensure your new home and pool build happens with minimal fuss. Let our expert team take care of all the necessary paperwork, scheduling and planning so you can be sure your pool is positioned correctly, on time and on budget so you can focus on the home build at hand. 

Building a pool at your existing home.

Often an exciting prospect but one that’s also filled with questions, we believe building a new pool in your backyard should be a stress-free and pleasurable experience. From our initial meeting with you through to completion our primary focus is centred on your satisfaction. We’ll explore your needs, listen as you describe the vision you have for the end product, offer our expert advice and tailor a package that surpasses the needs of the most discerning client.

During the planning process we give your pool the attention it deserves. Often this means giving our clients the option of multiple site visits and meetings which allow us to explore different shapes, sizes, locations and inclusions as we understand building a pool is a big investment thus commanding the utmost attention to planning. During this time it’s important for us to walk our clients through the pool building process and what to expect during the build so they’re comfortable knowing how the process works and more importantly when they can expect to be swimming!

Once construction of your new pool begins the company’s owner will have a strong onsite presence ensuring all works carried out are in accordance with the expectations our clients have for their new pool. This allows for a central person to liaise with during your build which is important when questions need answering during this period. If you live in Brisbane, the Redlands, on the Gold Coast, Ipswich or anywhere in South East Queensland and are thinking about building a new pool we’d love to hear from you.

Out of ground pools

For the fortunate few with flat backyards concrete pools are great but did you know that a sloping yard could actually provide you with a fantastic place to build a partial or totally out of ground swimming pool?

With your imagination being the only limiting factor let our team guide you through the options and process to build a masterpiece in what would seem to be an unusable piece of your backyard. 

Building concrete swimming pools partially or fully out of ground is a specialised field requiring the upmost detail to planning, engineering and execution so why not get your project started with Brisbane and the Gold Coasts expert pool building company?

Difficult sites

Often times you’ve bought a home or circumstances at your home have changed and you’ve decided to build a pool. That’s great but it may leave you wondering how on earth will I get a pool dug and built with next to no access for equipment.

Let the team at Contemporary Pools Qld take care of that. With a fleet of mini excavation equipment, cranes and concrete pumps at our disposal you can be sure we’ve got the equipment and expertise to make your dream pool happen.

Inner city homes in and around Brisbane, canal front homes on the Gold Coast or the ever increasing demand to build pools on small blocks with big houses, our team can confidently work with any situation we’re given.

Start your project with us today!