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Pool Buyers Guide

Are you considering converting your dream of having your very own pool into a reality?

Do you want to take full advantage of the tropical Brisbane weather and can just imagine spending most evenings and weekends floating lazily around your very own sparkling oasis? Then let Contemporary Pools QLD help you to with a basic pool buyers guide.

What type of pool should I install in my backyard?

It’s a question every would-be pool owner has to answer if they want to convert their dream of owning a pool into reality. There is a wide range of pool types available in the Brisbane market that you could choose from. The swimming pool market has flourished in recent years mostly because of the manufacturers and builders who are capable of building such a vast array of different types of pools. When you start exploring, you will find pools ranging from rock pools, lap pools, plunge pools, spa pools,through to the ‘normal’ backyard pool you would expect in a Brisbane yard or even a large swimming pool ‘project’ complete with all the bells and whistles! You not only have to choose a type of pool, but the construction method. Would you prefer concrete, pebblecrete, fiberglass, vinyl, in-ground or above-ground. Whether you plan to buy one of the largest concrete pools in Brisbane or a small decorative rock pool, it is important that you know everything related to their construction before dealing with the project. We will discuss here a few tips that will help you decide which type of pool you want for you and your family, but we will focus mainly on in ground pools.

Pool construction cost

The cost of any pool will obviously vary greatly according to your requirements and size. However, an inground pool is always more expensive than an above-ground pool. If budget is not an option, the best choice and our recommendation would be an inground pool.

Scope of customisation

An above-ground pool offers less scope of customisation than an inground pool. They cannot take any form or shape as per your wish, you are confined by the sizes and shapes that are available on the Brisbane market. But, an in-ground pool offers a large scope of customisation. There are multiple styles and sizes available in the market, and of course customising is not a problem. The shape of your inground pool is only confined by your ideas.


Both in-ground and above-ground pools require the same level and cost of maintenance. You will have to indulge in normal maintenance tasks such as cleaning, checking the alkalinity of water, filtering away dust, dirt and routine check-up of pool parts to ensure the pool is maintained safely and correctly. As far as durability is concerned, in-ground pools such as concrete and fiberglass are a lot more durable than above-ground pools.Whichever type of pool you decide to build in Brisbane, you should do your homework beforehand to make sure your pool installation project is stress free and successful. A pool in your Brisbane backyard will enhance the look, feel and value of your home, as long as it is installed correctly! If you have any questions we are happy to meet with you at a time that fits in with you,at your property, to discuss how Contemporary Pools QLD can help you make your dream pool a reality!

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