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Pool Building Process

Step by step guide to build a pool in brisbane and gold coast

Once we receive your engineered plans back approved for construction your pool is ready to set out.

Set out is achieved by profiling your pool to ensure its millimetre perfect by using lasers to mark out all the crucial measurements between the pool and the house, side and rear boundaries and patio and alfresco slabs.

Your pool is now ready for excavation. On the day of excavation our pool building team and earthmoving contractors typically start the day at 7am which for most of our projects allows us to complete the excavation within that same day. During the day our teams focus is on the safe excavation of your pool, the removal of all soil from your backyard, temporary fencing erected and the site left safe and clean ready to start the next stage.

Now the hole is excavated we’re ready to begin the formwork and placement of the steel reinforcing. During this stage our Brisbane/Gold Coast pool building team erect the formwork to the dimensions of your pool and cut, bend and place all the steel reinforcement in the excavation according to the plans our Engineer has supplied us for your specific pool.

After the reinforcement is complete we then do the necessary pre plumbing work for the lights, skimmer box, suction and return lines and any other project specific plumbing your pool requires.

From here your pool is now ready for concreting but before that happens our Engineer will visit your project to do an onsite inspection of the steel reinforcing to ensure it meets the requirements they stipulated in their plans and to sign off on the project at this stage to say that the plans have been followed correctly and we’re allowed to start concreting.

On the day of concreting you can expect a concrete pump truck and multiple concrete trucks coming and going throughout the day. Our expert team of concreters focus solely on cutting and shaping pools which is a highly specialised field of work which results in the perfect job every time. 

At this point you now have a concrete pool shell in place. This pool shell will now need to cure for a minimum of 28 days for the concrete to achieve its maximum strength. In this time our team will talk you through ways to care for your pool shell during the curing process.

Once the pool shell reaches its maximum strength at the 28 day mark we then move onto the tiling. This can mean the pool coping and waterline tile band depending on the specification of your pool. Our pool tiling team are all qualified tilers and use adhesives, grouts and other materials specifically designed to withstand the rigors of the harsh environment a pool creates when exposed to construction materials. 

The final major stage of construction involves the plumbing of your pools filtration and recirculation equipment as well as the application of the pool’s interior. This part of the build all happens in a single day and now the pool is ready for filling the following day.

Once the pool is full we then start it up by adding small amounts of chemicals to start with as this ensures the newly applied interior isn’t exposed to a harsh chemical environment while it’s curing underwater. 

At this point the pool is fully usable and can start to be enjoyed by all. Approximately 4 weeks after filling, our handover team fully commission the pool with the necessary chemicals, turn on all the equipment and spend all the time you require teaching you how to care for your new pool and explaining all the different parts and what their function is.

With your brand new pool delivered on time, on budget and to the highest standard don’t think this is where our relationship ends. During the life of your pool our team are always on hand to provide any support you need to ensure pool looks and performs as it did the day it was built. 

This is only a brief overview on the pool building process and what to expect. There are a hundred little steps in between and by completing these with your happiness as our primary focus you can be sure your new pool will be the envy of all that see it. 

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