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How long will my new pool take to construct?

After completion of the administrative phase, we will aim to have your pool set up, dug out and concreted within two weeks , depending upon the complexity of the build. We complete all landscaping and additional features during the following four weeks, which is the time needed for the concrete to cure. When the concrete is ready, our team of tilers and finishers are ready to complete your dream pool. Typical build time from council approval to completion is about 8 weeks . Our project managers will inform you of your own timeline at the start of the process.

How will the pool building process impact on our daily lives?

Our Contemporary Pools Queensland team in Brisbane pride ourselves on maintaining a safe and well-kept construction site. We strive to ensure the build process has minimal impact on your family’s home life by keeping a safe and clutter-free worksite. Our experienced team of project managers maintain a strong onsite presence.

Do I need to provide pool plans?

No. Contemporary Pools Queensland will work with you throughout the design and engineering process. We will assist you every step of the way to ensure your pool is well suited to your block, it is safe and practical, and it brings your brightest visions to life.We accommodate all build complexities, from the most basic, functional pool to architecturally inspired and designed projects. If it is a complex concept pool and landscaping you are seeking, we will work with you and your choice of Landscape Architect to ensure the oasis of elegance or the explosion of colour you seek is made into a reality. Once your design has been finalised, we will then work with our certified engineering team to individually engineer your full set of project plans.

How much will a pool cost to build or renovate?

Contemporary Pools Queensland looks forward to working with you, wherever you are within Brisbane, to achieve your new dream pool or pool renovation, no matter your budget. From a basic, budget conscious pool renovation or build, to a fully architect-designed concept project, we endeavour to provide a product that meets the budget and expectations of the most discerning owner. If you would like to know what can be achieved within your budget, please do not hesitate to contact us for an obligation free onsite consultation.

Why should I choose Contemporary Pools Queensland?

We have more than 35 years of experience in Brisbane residential, commercial and civil construction. We are a family owned and operated company, and we offer personalised, customised service and a high quality product. Our leading industry supply and contractor alliances throughout Brisbane ensure you are dealing with high-end expertise every step of the way.

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